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2022: Producer & Cinematographer – Byte Force, Ateles Films
2022: Producer & Cinematographer – Wild Adaptation, Ateles Films

2021-2022: Producer – Wild Dunes, Ateles Films (tba)
2021-2022: Producer – A Fox tale – Adventures in Netherlands, Ateles Films (tba)
2014-2022: Co-Producer – From Orphans to Freedom (Endangered Species & Pet Trade), Ateles Films – Guatemala


2022 – Director/Cinematographer – Darwin’s Amazing Animals, NHK Channel 1
A 28 min film following the foxes in the Netherlands.
Premiere Date: 22th January 2023 (Japan)

2020-2021 – Producer/Cinematographer/Editor – Hidden Nature of Holland – Fox and Rabbit: Battle on the Sandy Land, Ateles Films for NHK Japan
A 59 min blue chip natural history film that reveals the wildlife that lives in the coastal area of the Netherlands.
Premiere Date: 27th September 2021 (Japan)

2020 – Producer – Spider Monkey for Sale, Ateles Films
This micro movie shows what is the true cost of wanting and owning a baby monkey as a pet.
Festival release date: 18 September 2020 (Portugal); October 2020 (Germany)

2016-2019 Director/Producer/Cinematographer/Writer/EditorA Wild Fox Life, Ateles Films for France Televisions, NHK & Terra Mater
A 90 min blue chip natural history film that follows a family of red foxes that lives in a beautiful place surrounded by herds of wild animals.
Broadcast date: 02 July 2019 (Japan); 26 December 2019 (France); 09 September 2020 (Austria)

2018 Camera Assistant Mondiaal FNV #hetzitmenietlekker, Ateles Films for Makmende
This campaign is about the promotion of fair fashion revealing the reality of the employees of jeans factory in Bangladesh.
Festival date: 12 October 2018 (Netherlands)

2018 Camera Operator Cares Funds, Ateles Films for Makmende
This campaign promoted sustainable tourism in the tourism business partners of the Booking platform across the globe.
Release date: 03 May 2018 (Netherlands)

2018 Camera Assistant PwC & Circularity in the business, Ateles Films for Makmende
This campaign promoted the circularity within the PwC company and its staff around the globe.
Release date: 24 April 2018 (Netherlands)

2018 Camera Assistant ABN Amro & Circularity in the business, Ateles Films for Makmende
This campaign promoted the circularity and sustainable use of coffee as an example of good practices of the staff.
Release date: 25 February 2018 (Netherlands)

2017-2018 – Location manager The Age of the Big Cats – World Domination, Ateles Films for Ammonite Films, Terra Mater
This episode explores the era of world domination of big cats focusing on lions, tigers and the extinct saber-tooth.
Broadcast date: 26 September 2018 (Austria)

2016-2017 – Co-Producer/ Production Manager/Cinematographer/EditorPyrenees Mountain, Ateles Films for NHK Japan
A 59 min blue chip natural history and conservation film that shows the life of bearded vulture, one of the most endangered bird in Europe, and all the effort made to save it from extinction in Spain.
Broadcast date: 07 August 2017 (Japan)

2016-2018 – Camera Assistant/Herself – Wild Amsterdam/De Wilde Amsterdam, EMS Films
A 85 min cinema wildlife feature film that explores one of Europe’s most vibrant and dynamic cities through the eyes of its wilder inhabitants.
Cinema release date: 01 March 2018 (Netherlands)

2016 – Camera Assistant/DMT – Mosquito, Ateles Films for Yap Films, Discovery Channel
This documentary educates those who are unaware of the dangers posed by mosquitos worldwide.
Broadcast date: 06 July 2017 (Worldwide)

2015-2016 Producer/Camera Operator/Editor Ecoss Project Carpathia EEA Grants, Ateles Films for Fundatia Conservation Carpathia, Romania
A short film accompanying the study into the economic and ecological potential of conservation of enterprises in the Fagaras Mountains Natura 2000 site in Romania
Release date: 2016 (online)

2014-2016 – Co-Producer/Camera Assistant/ Editor Assistant/Sound – Return of the Spider Monkeys, Ateles Films & Off the Fence for Nat Geo Wild and Arte, Guatemala
A 50 min documentary that follows the life of Infinity, a female spider monkey, showing all steps that she goes through from the moment she was rescued from the illegal pet trade in Guatemala until the moment she was released and living back in the jungle without any human intervention.
Broadcast date: December 2016 (France/Germany); 07 May 2017 (worldwide)

2015 – Producer Editor Monkey Watch Intro Movie, Ateles Films for Morocco Primate Conservation
A short film to promote the conservation of the Barbary macaque in the wild.
Release date: 2015 (online)

2014-2015 – Camera Assistant – Holland: Natuur in de Delta, EMS Films
A 96 min cinema feature film that explores the life cycle of multiple wild animals in the by-humans created Delta of Rhine and Meuse in The Netherlands.
Cinema release date: 24 September 2015 (Netherlands)

2014-2015 – Camera Assistant/Thanks – Natural World: Jungle Animal Hospital, BBC Natural History Unit & PBS
This documentary shows the work of a team of vets at a jungle animal hospital in Guatemala.
Broadcast date: 14 April 2016, BBC 2 (United Kingdom)

2014-2015 – Camera Assistant/Sound/ Producer Manager/Assistant Editor – Barbary Macaques: Childcaring is the man’s job, Ateles Films for NHK Japan
A 59min film following the life cycle of North Africa’s only monkey species, the Barbary Macaques in Atlas Mountains of Morocco during all seasons.
Broadcast date: 02 March 2015 (Japan)

Stock Libraries

2014-2023 – Camera Operator Online Stock Footage Libraries
Active contributor for several audio visual online stock content libraries including Pond 5

2014-2017 – Camera Operator (Aerials & Ground) – Natuurbeelden, Beeld & Geluid, The Netherlands and The Dutch Caribbean
An audio visual project filmed in 12 locations in The Netherlands, Bonaire and Curacao for The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

Wildlife Festivals Judging

Books & Scientific Publications

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  • (2011) Conference Paper: “A Ecodesign Tool for Sustainable manufacturing”. Portugal: IST Press. ISBN: 978-989-8481-03-0
  • (2011) Speaker at “SIM 2011 – International Conference on Sustainable Intelligent Manufacturing“, Leiria, Portugal
  • (2008) Mention: Alburitel – A Terra e o Povo. Portugal. David Simoes Rodrigues. ISBN: 972-95519-1-X

Organizational Credits


  • (2024) Guest Lecturer at Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague, Netherlands
  • (2023) Mentor at Jackson Wild Mentorship Program, Jacskon Wild Summit, United States of America
  • (2023) Speaker at Webinar: Wildlife Filmmaking – Stories from the Wild, Pixfactory and, November, Netherlands (online)
  • (2022) Mentor at Jackson Wild Mentorship Program, Jackson Wild Summit, 2022 (online & person)
  • (2022) Cinematography Fellow Lab, Jackson Wild Summit – partnership between Jackson Wild, the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) and Wildlife Society of Filmmakers, Austria
  • (2017) Content Editor at Wildernis Café: Liefde en Macht, Staatsbosbeheer, October 2017, Oostvaardersplassen, Netherlands
  • (2017) Content Editor at Drone World Expo – Aerial Artistry: Exceptional Film and Television”, San Jose Convention Center, October, San Jose, United States of America
  • (2017) Content Editor at “Guest lecture by: Michael Sanderson“, Stenden Media & Entertainment Management, Stenden University, April, Leeuwarden, Netherlands
  • (2017) Content Editor at “BA Cinematography by Michael Sanderson”, Nederlandse Filmacademie Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, March, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • (2015) Content Editor at “Seminar – Open Class” by Michael Sanderson, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto, October, Porto, Portugal
  • (2014) Content Editor at Inspiration Day – Leren met Natuurbeelden, Institute Beeld & Geluid, November, Hilversum, Netherlands